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Progresif Pay

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Progresif Pay

Keys, phone — no wallet? No worries!

Imagine if you could pay for your meal even without having to take out your wallet — except, that’s no longer a figment of your imagination, thanks to the innovative minds behind Progresif, a telecom company whose vision reached beyond the constraints of traditional communications.

Progresif, in cooperation with Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) hatched a brilliant idea that gave way to a mobile application, powered by BIBD NEXGEN that poised itself as Brunei’s first mobile wallet! And when we received the opportunity to create a campaign for its launch, we just knew it needed something that was on a grand scale, perfect for such a celebration of innovation.

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But there was also a hurdle we needed to overcome; the campaign needed to be rolled out according to the timeframe of the two important stakeholders, BIBD and Progresif, which was a challenging span of a mere three months.

Of course, us being us, we took on that challenge with determination (and too many cups of coffee).

After a fruitful session of brainstorming, we decided to go back to where it truly matters: strong and persuasive copywriting that would convince potential consumers of the benefits of using the app.

We racked our brains for several print copy options that would end up being plastered on billboards placed across strategic whereabouts in public, where traffic would be at its highest. Thanks to Progresif’s iconic and prominent colours, attention was easily arrested by the masses.

However, we still had one more card up our sleeves.

The digital platform became our battlefield next, as we created, produced and put out a mini-series of snappy videos across social media, showcasing tutorials on how to use the application effectively.

And with that, we saw the campaign gain notable relevance among the public along with download numbers, as we helped usher in a new era of cashless payments; one that only requires the tap of a finger, and redefining the term ‘pay and go’ with a whole new twist.

Your phone — both a means of communication, and a way to pay for that much-needed cup of coffee.

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