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First Dates



A game of firsts, where romance rules


Hands up if you’ve ever been nervous before the start of a first date.

Heart beating fast, jitters all over and that overwhelming hope and anticipation that things will go well - it’s wonderful and scary, and also how pretty much all of our projects tend to turn out, too! Take for example, our campaign with Blue Ant Media (BAE) for their upcoming, highly-anticipated television series, ‘First Dates’, which would revolve around strangers going on their first date in a central London restaurant.

There’s something about watching real people explore the nuances of going on a date for the first time that makes it totally binge-worthy TV.

But a successful first date would eventually lead to more exciting firsts, and we were thrilled to explore those with someone whose relationship was more established for this campaign. So, we ended up reaching out to influencers who were either happily married or in a relationship to show that, really, first dates really can lead to one’s true love.

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And that’s how famous Malaysian designer, Jovian and his wife Nina would come to feature as the stars of the campaign’s digital teaser.

Our media team flew out to Kuala Lumpur to meet the lovely couple, and it was clear from the get-go that they were cast perfectly for this sweet project! Charming and funny, we discovered many of the couple’s first times, through the simple ‘Game of Firsts’. From the revelation of their first texts to each other, to their first date, it was a blast filming them.


And to top off the love fest, the teaser was rolled out during Valentine’s; who said romance was dead?

Every Hoco Agency project is a first; every concept we imagine and produce into reality is always like it’s the first time for us, because there’s no project that’s like any other.

And that’s the beauty of everyday life here.