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In these Digital plains of Instagram, one can never be too careful with “Social-Media Influencers”. ‘Fake Influencers’ are not robots , but real people. So what’s so ‘Fake’ about them? A myriad of fake-accounts as their followers! So think twice if you’re looking for an ‘Influencer’ for your brand!

Here are some nifty tips to help you spot a ‘Fake Influencer’!

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1. Low Engagement rates - Occasionally, these ‘Influencers’ might rack up a large number of followers, but alas, only a quarter of their followers engage in their posts. In some situations, computer-generated replies can be found flooded in the comment sections!


2. Quality of interactions - The idea of buying ‘likes and comments’ may baffle some, but the view for Internet fame entices others. Interactions in the comment section may seem incoherent, with spams of emojis.

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3. Check the follower’s profile - An obvious giveaway, fake profiles tend to always seem blank, with no profile picture, autobiography, or posts.


4. Sudden spikes in Follower growth - Overnight sensation? Highly unlikely. Here’s what you can do, tools such as ‘InfluencerDB’ help detect growth rates in followers. A sudden rise in followers? Get outta here!

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5. Audience Quality - Looking at their followers one-by-one would take ages! Here’s another tool, ‘IG Audit’ will help speed up the process by tenfolds! It scans through all the followers, calculating the percentage of fake-followers for you!


Always! -- and we repeat -- Always! Do a background check on the ‘Influencers’ you plan to collaborate with! 

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